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  • This is the Solution to Solve the water problems Madurai and around areas.
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4.5 Inches Borewells

Maniraja borewells in madurai telling that A bore well must be flushed periodically for the best yield and safety of the bore well, because ground water may change any time. We are the great expertise in flushing and cleaning bore well through high pressure air compressor, which takes raw water, dust, or wastes and decayed particles if any.

Features of 4.5 inches

1. Solve the problem of water scarcity.
2. 4.5 inches borewell Use of high speed and high quality hydraulic rig machine.
3. 4.5 is an Cost effective solution.
4. Excellent accuracy.
5. Easy to installation Process.
6 Economical Price.

Materials of Construction

PVC Pipes
GI Pipes


1. Pressure boosting applications.
2. Agricultural, Domestic, Hotels & Industrial
3. Mainly used for Domestic and Industrial water supply
4. Irrigation Unit

borewell drilling


There are three different types of borewell drilling method here.Hand borewell, low Rig and Rotary Rig Method, Power Rig. so it is very easy and quickly installed to the ground side.

Hand borewells

Manually operated pump no need for electric supply.
Affordable cost.
Easy to repair and maintain the hand borewells.
Can be used Shallow Wells.

low Rig and Rotary Rig Borewells

Rotary rigs drill the vast majority of wells today, including all medium and deep wells. The rotary rig consists of four major systems. And an accurate borewell drilling and its borewell service in maduraigiven by our maniraja borewells in madurai. These include the engines, and the hoisting, rotating, and mud systems. Borewell Drilling up to concrete or hard rocks. Need 2000 liters of water for site work.

Power Rig Borewells

Power Rig borewells method has to be done by only one rocks.
Need a more place in installation process.


The Tubewell process are engineering wing of the Department of Agriculture executes the works relating to exploration of ground water and correct borewell drilling and its borewell service in maduraigiven by our maniraja borewells in madurai. This process mainly used for farmers and also provides extension services to farmers regarding latest developments in borewell technology.


To install only remote areas.
To investigate the natural ground water bearing formation.
Tubewell and Air Compressor for having better performance.

There are several clients in and around Madurai who prefer only Mani Raja Borewell Agencies having four borewell lorry in madurai for any kind of installation pumps service, as we offer services believing in complete customer satisfaction. We are engaged in installing submersible pumps, jet pumps and hand pumps.