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6 inch borewell

6 inches borewells

Maniraja borewells in madurai providing a six inch borewell services It’s approximately range of 150 MM length of the pipes. This type borewells setup mostly used to Agricultural process Mainly drilled upto 1200 FT. Drilling is the process of producing holes by using specific type of cutting tool. 6 inch borewells are drilled when higher yield is required for large apartments or buildings and also for agricultural purposes borewell service in madurai by our maniraja borewells in madurai. Initially larger diameter bits are used to place the casing pipes up to the hard rock zone prior to borewell drilling specified size of the borewell . 6 inches pipes are very easy to install, noise free, efficient and require minimum maintenance. We are using good quality materials are obtain reliable life and provide maintenance free services.

An Assembled borewell pipe involves to connecting pipe, threaded pipe, cutting tool, small bearing and big bearing to supported to make the hole in casing pipe along the bore well inside.An great borewell service in madurai by our maniraja borewells in madurai. In this work, the borewell drilling machine was assembled with locally available, with manually adjusted materials. these are the materials are placed in maniraja borewell lorry in madurai

Applications of 6 inches borewells

1. Water extraction from bores of diameter 6" (150mm) and above.
2. Pressure boosting applications.
3. Domestic and Industrial water supply.
4. Very easy to accessing methods.
5. Water supply to commercial establishments like Hotels, Lodges and Hospitals.
6. Irrigation systems for Agriculture including Drip and Sprinkler systems.
7. Fire fighting mains etc.

Features of 6 inches borewells

Low Operation Cost
High quality and high capacity.
Using energy and efficient motors.
Very economical price.

Method Of Drilling

Water Jetting – Shallow bores in alluvial formations, Augur Borewell Drilling – Shallow bores in alluvial formations, Calyx Drilling – Shallow borewells in both hard rock and alluvial formation, Percussion Drilling – Deep bores in bouldery formation, Rotary Drilling – Most common method used for drilling large and deep bores in alluvial formations. Down the Hole Hammering (DTH) Drilling – Most common method for drilling large and deep borewells in hard rock formations.

6 inch borewell

Charges for borewells

1. Borewell Drilling cost per feet,
2. Cost of casing pipe per feet,
3. Cost of drilling and installation charge for casing pipe per feet,
4. Flushing charges per hour for flushing the borewell after drilling and
5. Transportation charges of the rig to the site from nearest town per km.


Not like 4.5 inch borewell and borewell 8 inch, A borehole is simply a deep narrow well usually driven by an electric pump that taps into the underground stores of water held in permeable rock known as aquifers. We have using small bore hole method with garden on your business premises. boreholes method depended to geothermal installations.


These Pipes are manufactured as per company standards are available in blue colour. SDR pipes are suitable to soil formation is favourable.

Features and benefits

SDR casing pipes are very easy to install. These pipes are light weight so transportation charges are much easier. This is a major advantages particularly using Rural areas. so these borewell pipes are quick and convenient to installation with good qualities. These pipes have excellent stiffness and meet all the mechanical properties. One end of pipe is plain end where as other end is socketed for solvent weld joint.


Light Weight, easy to handle, store and install, versallity, high quality, flexible, low cost, excellent corrosion.

There are several clients in and around Madurai who prefer only Mani Raja Borewell Agencies having four borewell lorry in madurai for any kind of installation pumps service, as we offer services believing in complete customer satisfaction. We are engaged in installing submersible pumps, jet pumps and hand pumps.